Capdase ScreenGUARD UT IMAG iPad Air Screen Protector

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When you use the iPad Air, the fingerprints and glare usually blur your phone’s screen and make it unclean. These problems sometimes may put you into an embarrassing situation. Capdase launched a brand-new screen protective film ScreenGuard-UT IMAG. It will definitely helpful to prevent fingerprints and even anti bacteria! Let’s have this breakthrough experience now!

Due to the endocrine of human, when we have contact with objects, the fingerprints may leave on the surface of the objects. These may occur especially when you use the touch screen of the smart phones or tablets. The fingerprints on the screen may affect you to use the phone. CAPDASE ScreenGuard-UT IMAG’s surface has a special costing to prevent this problem. Besides, it will not lower the sensitivity when you use your phone’s touch screen. UT IMAG can also anti grease. So, you can use your phone more freely without concerning about leaving fingerprints and grease on your phone.

Besides of ultra anti-fingerprint function, UT IMAG can also control the activity of bacteria. UT IMAG has been taken anti-bacterial tests for two common bacteria, Escherichia coli(which may cause diarrhea and even fatal symptoms) and Staphylococcus aureus(which may cause vomit, diarrhea, abdominal pain and even collapse). After the thermo test and other tests, UT IMAG’s antimicrobial activity higher than 99.9%. UT IMAG can keep your phone’s hygiene effectively.

Capdase ScreenGUARD UT IMAG iPad Air Screen Protector Feature:

  • Ultra Anti- Finger Print & Anti- Bacterial
  • Superb Transparency & Anti-glare protection
  • Against scratching, scraping & abrasion
  • Excellent smooth touch for touch screen device
  • Perfect overlay and high reliability
  • Remove without leaving residue marks

  • Capdase ScreenGUARD UT IMAG iPad Air Screen Protector

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